SIM & Shield Solutions


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The test U-SIM card / M2M Quad is a test U-SIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) for testing and testing GSM / UMTS / LTE mobile phone terminals (MS, UE). M2M Quad is a SIM for soldering and mounting to M2M devices. It has upward compatibility with legacy GSM / GPRS Test SIM and supports the Dummy authentication protocol required for connection to 3G / 4G network compatible terminal testers.
NOTE: Test SIM cards do not implement the actual authentication protocol, so they cannot be used for commercial networks.

Since many consumable U-SIM cards are required for terminal design, production, service testing and quality assurance, good interconnectivity, low price and quick delivery are important. In addition, custom-made U-SIM suitable for the specific test environment and parameter editing service of our existing U-SIM are also available.



Radio device testing is done by connecting 2 radio devices via RF connection.

Connection example:
・Between Base station and Terminal
・Between Tester and Radio device

Connection methods:
・Conducting: high quality coax connector cable provides a good connection without connection loss, thus no jamming to around the test system and no interference from outside the test system.
・OTA (Air): Connection between radio devices with propagation loss. To prevent Radio emission outside the test system and interference from outside test system, installing test system inside shield equipment.

According to the Shielding purpose, object and test contents, the most suitable shield solution must be selected from various shielding choice.

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