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Validation and endurance testing

DEKRA Japan Validation and endurance testing

DEKRA performs validation and endurance testing in real-life conditions for tires, vehicles, equipment and more. We perform validation tests on open roads and on more than 100 circuits and tracks validated by our customers. By designing the testing methodology, we determine user profiles, rolling profiles, theoretical circuits and more.

With a team specialized in external missions, DEKRA helps customers perform testing and collect data worldwide according to their specifications using cameras, radars and lidars. Missions are performed around the world based on your demands and cover all aspects, from the organization, local recruitment of test drivers and training to data management, acquisition and technical support.

Validating your equipment or vehicles may require the supply of additional vehicles or parts; DEKRA helps you with a large supplier network based on strong relationships in the automotive industry. DEKRA's over 130 daily test drivers perform validation and endurance testing for more than 20 million kilometers per year. With 4 bases in Europe, there's always a test site close to your premises.

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