Amazon Alexa and Alexa Auto Testing

About Alexa and Alexa Auto Testing
Since Amazon launched the Echo smart speaker in 2014, users all over the world have been able to use Alexa Voice Service to interact with technology every day in a more intuitive way.
Alexa Built-in experiences provide convenient voice-initiated interactions for Alexa and Alexa Auto users. In addition to user experience, Amazon also takes the security seriously of devices integrated with Alexa, such as smart speakers, voice accessories, and automotive devices. Therefore, all device manufacturers are required to pass the cybersecurity testing with the authorized 3rd party lab to ensure that Alexa enabled devices comply with the requirements of Alexa and Alexa Auto. The Amazon Alexa product verification process can only be completed after security requirements are met.
Security Requirements of Alexa and Alexa Auto
In addition to the basic cybersecurity requirements for not allowing exists of known vulnerabilities and a communication interface for debugging on hardware devices. Amazon Alexa has planned a fairly complete set of cybersecurity technology and management requirements, including Amazon accessories and Bluetooth connection method for smartphones, the authenticity and integrity verification of firmware files during the device update process, and the manufacturers must establish a channel to receive external notification for vulnerabilities and the processing mechanism. These security requirements are for users to use Alexa enabled experiences with confidence. While enjoying the convenience of Alexa brought by going to the car as much as the kitchen or dining room, there is no need to worry about personal privacy being stolen by hackers.
Who can perform Alexa Testing and Alexa Auto Testing
In order to ensure the security of Alexa cloud-based voice service including Alexa Auto, all cybersecurity laboratories have been strictly evaluated by Amazon Alexa. Currently, there are only a few cybersecurity labs around the world authorized to perform Amazon Alexa testing. Onward Security is one of two cybersecurity labs in Asia, and the only lab in Taiwan and Japan that can provide local Amazon Alexa and Alexa Auto cybersecurity testing services.
Why Onward Security
Onward Security, a DEKRA company, is a leading brand in cybersecurity compliance solutions for IoT and IIoT comprising Alexa and automotive devices. Possessing Asia's most complete cybersecurity assessment lab, it is also one of a few AVS-authorized cybersecurity labs since 2019 and has accumulated extensive testing experience in Alexa enabled devices including smart speakers, voice accessories, and automotive devices which are performed with self-developed security assessment automation tools with AI and machine learning features. Along with Onward’s experience and capabilities in cybersecurity compliance and IoT product testing, customers experience fast obtaining Alexa and automotive security certification, as well as effectively managing risks and vulnerabilities to ensure cyber and product security.