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Validation and endurance testing

DEKRA Japan Validation and endurance testing

DEKRA's dedicated team will execute driving tests and data acquisition for vehicles and components including ADAS systems using cameras, radars and LiDAR, around the world, according to customer requirements. On behalf of our customers, DEKRA covers all aspects from preparation of driving plan/ routes, local recruitment and training of drivers, obtaining required authorizations for driving, driving, acquisition and management of data, project management and technical support.

DEKRA has more than 130 registered drivers and covers the total mileage of more than 20 million km per year. DEKRA's extensive network of suppliers in the automotive industry allows us act quickly flexibily to supply additional vehicles or components during project execution

Past achievements

Data acquisition
Number of vehicles:17
Number of drivers:92
Location:EU countries + UAE + Russia
Total mileage:0.9 million kilometers
Testing period:4 months
Engine durability test under severe cold conditions
Number of vehicles:1
Location:Finland + Sweden
Total mileage:0.25 million kilometers

DEKRA's strengths

・ Number of drivers (an average of 130 drivers are operating at the same time)
・ Achievements (more than 25 years, more than 20 million km per year)
・ Acquisition of License plate for test run

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