Ex Certification for Europe (ATEX)

ATEX Certification / Audit

When manufacturing electrical products or other products for the European market and using these products in hazardous environments with explosion risks, the customer must affix the ATEX certification mark on the product.
DEKRA Certification conducts ATEX certification test for customers. DEKRA Certification has a wealth of knowledge about Ex product market, and can contribute to reducing the risk to workers involved in your company and products.
Why choose DEKRA Certification?
The benefits of using DEKRA Certification provide a variety of guarantees for ATEX certification, as well as extensive knowledge of Ex product market.
  • DEKRA Certification has offices in Japan in addition to numerous locations throughout Europe.
  • In addition to knowledge of Ex products, DEKRA Certification has extensive experience in electrical, electrical and electrical testing.
  • DEKRA Certification allows you to combine ATEX certification testing with CSA and FM testing.
  • DEKRA Certification is a recognized body of the European ATEX Directive.
  • Quality assurance notification and ATEx certificate issued by DEKRA Certification provide a foothold for the European market.
  • DEKRA Certification accepts and stores the technical documentation (TCF) specified in Module A required by ATEX Directive
With the help of DEKRA Certification, you can ensure that your products are explosion protected.

R label

Warranty in Explosion risk environment
When Ex equipment needs to be repaired, it should be repaired by a company that can give the equipment an R label. In other words, it should be repaired by a company certified by DEKRA Certification.
DEKRA Certification is a Dutch certification body with a wealth of knowledge about components used at risk of explosion. All organizations authorized by DEKRA Certification can prove that they are performing their work in compliance with common standards. Such organizations can raise R labels for repairing Ex equipment. This makes it clear to everyone that Ex equipment repaired meets the original standards for EU Type examination (ATEX).
Maximum guarantee of work in hazardous area
In Brussels, DEKRA Certification has been designated as a notified body of the ATEX Directive. DEKRA Certification has the necessary knowledge, expertise and unique status as a certification body for this special market. In cooperation with the sector organization UNETO-VNI, a practical certification system has been established to ensure safe and careful operation in this field. DEKRA Certification has been involved in the establishment of safety directives since 1992 to protect electrical equipment from explosions.
An authorized repair company must work at least as carefully and quickly as the manufacturer of the product. The authorized repair companies are audited annually.
With R labels on repaired Ex equipment, maintenance workers, customers, and customers themselves can rely on safety. For this reason, major companies in the petrochemical industry systematically require Ex equipment and R labels on repaired Ex equipment. Using a rotating electrical machine that has been repaired by an authorized company can be an advantage during inspections, audits by customers and authorities, and in the event of an accident.
DEKRA Certification is leading a new development in the field of (European) standards. DEKRA Certification as notified body, grants CE to new equipment in accordance with the ATEX directive. After that, posting an R label on such equipment will again prove compliance with the ATEX Directive.
DEKRA Certification helps customers feel confident about their Ex products.