Press release

DEKRA Enhances OTA Test Capability

Jul 10, 2023
DEKRA Certification Japan K.K. (DCJ), a reference Laboratory in mobile interoperability testing (IOT), is excited to unveil the expansion of its Over-the-air (OTA) test service capability in the cutting-edge Mobile Carriers Laboratory.
Building on our existing UMTS and LTE services, we are proud to announce the addition of 5G NR FR1 NSA TDD & FDD bands, as well as 5G NR FR1 SA TDD bands to our comprehensive test and certification portfolio for mobile network operators.
As a D-ATL (DOCOMO Approved Test Lab), we can offer full test coverage for DAPT (DOCOMO Antenna Performance Test) and we also provide full support for Protocol Signaling testing and Field Testing services.
Our OTA environment is available for rental, allowing customers to conduct product development tests, debugging, evaluation and verification.
Please contact us for more information at datl@​dekra​.com .