Press release

DEKRA Expands Non-Destructive Testing in Germany and Japan

May 20, 2021
• DEKRA is becoming the leading provider of non-destructive material testing in Germany
• Strategic location in the north of the country
• Particular focus on testing services for the Energy Industry
DEKRA furthers expansion in non-destructive material testing (NDT) business and takes over engineering firm Ingenieurbüro Witte in Versmold/Ostwestfalen. DEKRA is thereby adding to its network of non-destructive material testing sites in the region in northern Germany. A particular focus is being placed on testing services for the energy industry and pipeline construction. With associate companies DEKRA Incos, DEKRA Visatec and Ingenieurbüro Witte, DEKRA is now the leading provider in non-destructive material testing in Germany.
DEKRA Japan has begun to support NDT from last year. We are strategically focusing on TIR Inspections using thermographic cameras. The assessment is carried out by experienced inspectors leveraging DEKRA know-how.
In order to build more strength we also started supporting non-destructive inspections (NDI) with partner companies to offer Machinery audits and Environmental Site Assessment.