Press release

DEKRA launches advanced 5G testing and certification solutions in three continents

Apr 30, 2020
5G networks are the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections. To help ensure the safety, security, interoperability and market compliance of devices and systems using this revolutionary technology, DEKRA provides advanced 5G testing and certification solutions to many sectors including automotive, consumer products, information technology, industrial manufacturing, energy, transport and healthcare.
The new services are now available from state-of-the-art DEKRA laboratories and offices across the three continents Europe, Asia and North America. Customers profit from an access to DEKRA’s comprehensive expertise and connected laboratory network, which are one of a kind in the industry.
“DEKRA continues the global journey in testing cellular technologies for products moving into more market segments”, said Thomas Jäger, Head of Technical Service Management and Senior Vice President of Service Division Product Testing at DEKRA. “It complements many of our current engagements, for example, in supporting the new automotive ecosystem using cellular LTE/5G for connected and automated driving. We have established a unique set of services combined under one roof of DEKRA`s well recognized brand.”
The 5G services of DEKRA include testing according to various national and regional regulatory requirements or special service provider requirements as well as the management of global approvals. DEKRA also tests according to special 5G industry requirements, which are based on conformance, interoperability and field testing that are defined by alliances such as Global Certification Forum (GCF) and PTCRB. Furthermore, DEKRA provides private 5G indoor and outdoor testing environments based on real network infrastructure set-ups to address interoperability, co-existence, performance and application assessments.
The new DEKRA 5G regulatory, conformance and outdoor testing facilities located in Málaga, Spain, and in Linkou, Taiwan, support customers with regional and global market access services for consumer and Internet of Things (IoT) products. In Japan 5G testing will be conducted at the DEKRA laboratory in Yokohama. North American 5G customers are supported by the DEKRA laboratory and office located in Sterling, VA, USA.
“The DEKRA laboratory in Málaga is well equipped in Europe to serve the 5G market with a full set of testing capabilities”, explained Alejandro Torrecilla, Telecom Laboratory Director at DEKRA in Spain “We are a leader in cellular testing since GSM was introduced and we are very proud to continue our journey together with our clients, now also in 5G.”
“Asia, and especially the Greater China area, is an important and further growing market for wireless connectivity products and new technologies”, said Elvis Chen, Senior Director of Connectivity Test Department at DEKRA in Taiwan. “We ensure that we can support the latest 5G developments by providing all relevant 5G testing and certification services by leveraging the expertise and service portfolio of the global DEKRA Group.”
"DEKRA has been performing 5G device acceptance tests in Japan to obtain network operators’ approvals since the first quarter of 2020", stated Miguel Delorme, Representative Director of DEKRA Certification Japan.
“We are delighted to help North American 5G network operators to ensure an outstanding customer experience”, stated Bryan Mikesh, Managing Director at DEKRA Certification, Inc. “5G helps us to expand our service coverage in many new directions.”