Press release

Introducing 5G FR1/Sub6 for OTA in DEKRA Japan

Sep 10, 2020
5G networks are the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections. To help ensure the safety, security, interoperability and market compliance of devices and systems using this revolutionary technology, DEKRA provides advanced 5G testing and certification solutions to many sectors including automotive, consumer products, information technology, industrial manufacturing, energy, transport and healthcare.
By the establishment of 5G technology the demand for IoT will be increased massively not only for mobile phones but also other products.
In order to be ready for the 5G/IoT technological developments DEKRA Japan has installed a full system including the MT8000A simulator from ANRITSU to enhance 5G testing capabilities. Combining this unit with a reverberation chamber model RTS65 from BLUETEST and MT8821C, MT8000A from ANRITSU.The DEKRA 5G Laboratory has effectively expanded the cellular testing beyond LTE to cover 5G FR1/Sub6 scope.The OTA 5G FR1/Sub6 measurements of TRP, TIS and Throughput will be carried out in the DEKRA 5G Laboratory located in Yokohama.
DEKRA Japan is aiming at being appointed by 5G network operators to ensure an outstanding customer experience by the end of this year.