Antenna Test

In our OTA (Over The Air) test laboratory, we are capable of providing following test services.
LTE modulation : 16QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM
Carrier Aggregation MIMO : 2CC DLCA, 3CC DLCA
Wi-Fi OTA : Wi-Fi TRP/TRS (IEEE802.11 b/g/a)
5G(NSA) Sub6 bands TDD&FDD :TRP※1, TRS※2, MIMO OTA※3
5G(SA) Sub6 bands TDD :TRP※1, TRS※2, MIMO OTA※3
※1: TRP: Total Radiated Power
※2: TRS: Total Radiated Sensitivity
※3: MIMO OTA=Throughput Test
    DAPT used to be called DOCOMO OTA (Over The Air Antenna) test is the antenna performance of the DUT(Device Under Test) by measuring several items selected by DOCOMO.
    The measurements are conducted in the Bluetest reverberation chamber RTS65. By this method, not only do we avoid the use of a fully anechoic chamber, but also the testing time is considerably reduced.
    Moreover, a yearly audit carried out by DOCOMO ensures that our measured results are in line with those of DOCOMO’s in-house environment.