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Ex Certification for Others Countries and Regions


Ex Certification for Others Countries and Regions

Brazil Ex certification
DEKRA issues INMETRO certification.

Brazil Ex audit
DEKRA conducts audits for customers.

Korea Ex audit
DEKRA conducts Ex audit in conjunction with the Korean auditors in Seoul in behalf of Korean Ex certification (KCs) body such as Kosha, KTL, KGS.

Korea Ex certification (KCs) application agency
DEKRA provides KCs application agency service in cooperation with Korean staff in Seoul.

Taiwan Ex certification (TS) application agency
DEKRA provides TS (Taiwan Ex Certification) application agency service.
By cooperating with local agents in Taiwan, DEKRA undertakes the entire process from editing applications in traditional Chinese to registering based on the IECEx Certificate.

The FM Ex certification mark is required when Ex products are sold in the North American market.

DEKRA conducts FM testing including mandatory electrical safety fields. In working on this, DEKRA will work with FM. DEKRA introduces essential tests and structural assessments to manage your FM certification.

DEKRA conducts FM tests to be combined with ATEX certification and CSA explosion proof tests. This is efficient and reduces both time and cost. DEKRA has a good relationship with FM and you can enjoy the benefits. In addition, we will consider the customer's development process and manufacturing process to the maximum. Needless to say, this flexible attitude does not sacrifice accuracy, objectivity or independence.

In addition, DEKRA has Japanese staff, so the business will proceed smoothly.

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