Signaling Test

We test using Anritsu's ME7834LA mobile terminal test platform installed in a shielded room that is not affected by external radio waves, and create and submit a test report containing pass / fail judgments automatically judged by the tester.
Anritsu ME7834LA offers an integrated test environment for LTE-Advanced (up to 5CC DLCA and 2CC UL CA), WCDMA, VoLTE and LTE CatM1 signaling tests.
For detailed protocol analysis, we will try until a satisfactory test result is obtained with the cooperation of the terminal vendor while referring to the log output by the tester and the log of the diagnostic monitor specific to the terminal chipset.
    DST (DOCOMO Signalling Test) tests the conformance of the DUT(Device Under Test) to DOCOMO’s protocol specification. The test platform used is Anritsu ME7834LA and all tests are run inside a shield room to avoid any interference to and from the live network.
    The signaling test consists of two main stages:
    • DRFL (DOCOMO Radio Feature List) Capability Check: This is the initial stage of DOCOMO IOT where we check whether the information declared by the device via signaling matches the DRFL declared by the manufacturer.
    • DST (DOCOMO signaling test): By running different test scripts the test system check the compliance of the device with DOCOMO protocol specifications under different scenarios.