Field Test

After going through all the laboratory tests, the next step is to bring the device into the commercial network.
Field testing is one of the most critical success factors between a mobile device and a mobile network service.
In a field test, we verify the DUT (Device Under Test) interworks with other commercial products under various of mobile networks and infrastructors by typical tests such as call performance, throughput, internet connectivity, mobility test and so on.
Prior to the field test execution, it is mandatory to acquire Japan Radio Type Approval (Giteki) issued by MIC(Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) registered Certification Body for the DUT(Device Under Test).
    One of the most important stages in DOCOMO IOT is to test the device in DOCOMO live network.
    DFTG (DOCOMO Field Test based on GCF-FT) is based on the GCF Field Trial requirement and adopted in DOCOMO LTE FT program.
    DFT for 5G is conducted by following DOCOMO's proprietary test plan in the designated route depending on each test scenario.
    The device is tested under different network environments both in stationary and mobility scenarios.