Press Release

DEKRA launches a new service to provide the latest information on EV (electric vehicle) subsidy systems

Jun 04, 2024
The conversion of automobiles to EVs is considered one of the crucial measures against global warming. Domestic and foreign car manufacturers are focussing on developing and promoting EVs, and the country and local governments are supporting these developments by expanding their subsidy systems. Although the subsidy system from the national government is widely recognised, there is limited awareness of the diverse subsidies provided by the regional and municipal governments all over Japan.
There are currently more than 500 different systems in place. Changes and additions to each municipality's budget rules and availability levels happen frequently. In addition, new municipalities may start a system.Therefore, it is no wonder that in a recent survey conducted by DEKRA Japan among dealerships of domestic and foreign brands, hardly any respondents knew the total amount of subsidies they could offer to their customers. This lack of information renders governments’ efforts to combat climate change less effective and negatively impacts individual dealerships' ability to sell EVs successfully!
DEKRA is now introducing a service that provides monthly updates on the subsidy systems of local governments nationwide.Based on this information, sales advisors can easily present the optimal subsidy tailored to the end customer's place of residence during business negotiations and offer expensive EVs at a lower price.
If you are interested in subscribing to this service, please contact us.